Corkboards are super cute and easy to make.  They can function as a jewelry holder for your wall, or as a place to put lil notes and pictures.  (I am going to incorporate some of these for my wedding decor.)


You will need:  picture frames, cork roll, fabric glue, fabric (printed cotton duct works the best.) and push pins.

cb_suppliesI got all my supplies from hobby lobby.  (I love their selection and weekly specials!!)



Take apart the picture frame, and use the back cardboard as a stencil for the cork.  Simply trace the cardboard with a pen and cut them out with scissors.  (The cork  I had was fairly thin, so I cut out two and glued them together with the fabric glue.  You want to make sure it is thick enough to hold the push pins.)  Generously put glue on one side of the cork  you cut down and glue it to the back of your printed fabric.

cb_secondFold and glue the fabric around the cork. (One look at the hideous carpet and hopefully you can tell I am at my office with a limited supply of arts and craft equipment….  that being said… the fabric glue will suffice, but a stable gun will probably do a better job for this project.)

cb_thirdPlace the cork and fabric back into the picture frame, followed with the original cardboard backing that came with the picture frame.  And Voila!

Fun and Easy, right?

The small cork board is currently on my kitchen wall serving as my engagement ring holder for when I am cooking for D.


If you want to use a stretched canvas: Just pad the back of of the canvas with cork board (I used three layers, each glued together and then I glued the printed fabric to the front of the canvas)cb_canvas

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  1. Where is a good place to go for the frames only that you show in your blog posts? They seem to be relatively expensive at hobby lobby and Michaels (unless you’re paying those prices…).


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