I spoke to this florist who was recommended to me because of their beautiful work, and flexible pricing – and  I must say, it got awkward (and a little embarrassing) when I told them my budget was only $1200.  Apparently they don’t accept jobs under $4000…. I mean… I love flowers like the next girl, but seriously?

That was the first and last florist I spoke to and the moment I decided to take on the job of a florist.

Bought $40 dollars worth of flowers at Central Market…


I wanted to see:

  1. 1) If I could pull it off
  2. 2) How much each arrangement would cost
  3. 3) How long they would last before wilting




In the end, I made 2 small table arrangements and one large for $40 dollars!!

Now.. I just need to get my hands on a wholesale florist shop…

Trial Run #2 with tips coming soon…

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